Night Classes

by Other Houses

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nbridges Heavy, ambitious, and frighteningly good. More Other Houses please! Favorite track: Greased Lightning.
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When it all shakes out O, what will be your play? Plan of contingency? Survey the terrain on a bike When the tap runs dry Damocles o'er your head Then you'll need a go-bag Survey the terrain on a bike What will you do? It's a smack upside your head You'll never predict it What will you do When I cannot post your debt? The gang's here in your stead Survey the terrain on a bike No more songs will exist in time Wolfman Jack will be vaporized No more leaving, only staying inside All that's left is a pit of smiles I don't care if it's right Not a second time Please understand me What will you do?
Pull back from the lip of the banister You're silt A sideshow for old fat masters Afraid litigators bally it around With lots to be desired Desirous to meet you, Maharishi of maladjusted man Rare to run into a ribbon of current with no resistance Frankly, I'm frightened Greased lightning Ballooned, ballyhooed With no professional consequence for violence First thought, light 'em up I'm pollyannaish My lord, my lord, my lady Desirous to meet you in soot and in ashes, the sexless subversive seer Rare to bear witness to a sulfur rivulet that snakes through politeness And night classes Greased lightning


As a young person in the Western world, I'm bombarded with news items about how we've got six months to live. Similarly, as a music journalist, I'm inundated with gross fetishization for the "end times." For various reasons, I don't find either of those fun or funny. If I had a dime for every tepid single pitched as being a "dance party for the apocalypse," I'd be a wealthy man.

Both of these phenomena beg the question: when and if it hits the fan on a global level, what's your practical game-plan? Will there be music on the other side? I guess your first move would be to survey the terrain on a bike. Hence, "Sand Surveyor," which I wrote the other week while strolling around my in-laws' 250-year-old house.

Also on my mind these days: utopian grifting. I'm mortified by moral grandstanding, tribal thinking, and the wicked ways we treat each other online. A few days later, I wrote "Greased Lightning" minutes after rolling out of bed and before my mental filter could kick in. The results are maybe the first lyrics I've ever written where I believe every word.

So, these two songs were a growth spurt — both in that regard and in my ongoing struggle to make music on computers. The title refers to academia itself and the shadow re-education of online social pressure. Alas, as we'll all figure out sooner or later, internet clout isn't transferable to U.S. currency...

Speaking of! 100% of the proceeds from Night Classes will go to Bushwick Street Cats, a small team of volunteers who work during off-hours from their day jobs to reduce the population of feral and free-roaming cats in New York City. If you've seen Nimbus or Hazel on my social media, you can thank them.

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released February 1, 2021

Morgan Enos — vocals, guitars, bass, synths
Eric Slick — drums

Mixed and mastered by Nate Bridges at High Noon Audio
Cover photo by Julien Fernandez


all rights reserved



Other Houses New York, New York

Rock band in California and New York with voice of Morgan Enos.

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