Bad Reputation

by Other Houses

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Available LP/CD/CS on Aagoo Records.


released November 13, 2015

All songs by Morgan Enos

Morgan: singing, guitars, drums, synth, lasers
Reuben: bass on "yellow and starships"
Cover art by Tommy Vaughmpiro


all rights reserved



Other Houses New York, New York

Rock band in California and New York with voice of Morgan Enos.

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Track Name: Ladies of the Aeon
The ladies of the Aeon come to me and start to cry
but I don't mind
They're not wanted anymore
I don't mind
I'm not wanted anymore
I don't mind
I'm not wanted anymore

The girls are erudite and scathing
I don't mind
I'm not wanted anymore

The ladies of the Aeon come from nowhere not to hide
I don't mind, you're not wanted anymore
Oh, goodbye
You're a lantern in the dark
To other guys
You're not wanted anymore

Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself?
That's all right
A world of identities raging

I'm not wanted anymore
Track Name: Sum of All Friends
Picture me just telling you that I'm feeling like hell
Spinning to the center, maybe listening to myself
Read it in a hexagram or in the hideous stars
But you don't know how dependent you are

The sum of all friends is none
Maybe I think so
I'm gonna tell everyone
I know

Picture my engagement and my fabulous ideal
What I do to just stay on
Cry out like a child and you tell me you ascend
I won't make that mistake again

I slide into the world's jaws
And the sum of all friends is one
I'm writing this to you
I brought some paper along

You don't know how dependent you are
And I could say a lot more
But it's getting late now
The sum of all friends is gone
The sum of all friends is exactly how I want
Track Name: Yellow and Starships
I can’t cultivate my time but it’s fine
What I do, I do for you
I do hate the degenerates but it’s fine
I do, I do for you
When I’m dead on a pedestal, then it’s fine
It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine
It’s so hard that the world is good in my time
I fly and I don’t fly and I don’t fly

Artificially taking all of my time
It’s awry, awry, awry
All the water’s heavenly and it’s fine
What I do, I do for you, for you, for you

The world above seems uncomplicatedly free
To me, to me, to me
Yellow and starships and someone watching o’er me
O’er me, oh me, oh, me

What I do, I do for you
Track Name: Computer of Life
Onward to Saturin
Hide your nebulae and pearls
Give it all the station wants
Take care on Saturin


Underneath the moon
Lies the computer of life
With its software in a mine
Take good care of yourself

Take good care of the century you have
Don't stray far from whence you came
Take good care of yourself

Track Name: Clear as a Bell
It's clear as a bell
And I want the party to be done
And I want another fair trial
The gallery is loud
And I want you to seriously understand

From the bell, nothing's alright
So I want to go from floor to floor
And I want clean sight
Of the trauma of the sun
And I want to really be brave

It's obviously totally impure
So I want singularity
And I ask for you to be kind
And I want to be clear as a bell
Track Name: Crystal Fever
The horriblest fear that I ever had
Is to not do anything
To not do anything
Your explanation is to be pitied
Are you kidding me?

Tell me not to hide when I hide
Tell me it's alright
I'm horrified by paradise

Crystal does collide and collide
The port-of-call is mine
But what will you do with me?
What will you do?

Crystal does collide every night
The port-of-call is mine
What will you do with me?

Crystal does collide and collide
Track Name: Krishna Ship (Sea of Lunatics)
I want to go with you
To the ends of the earth
Right before we dip out
From the freezing sea of lunatics
And the coliseum's done

I'm gonna go with you
When I lose the melody
When I cross the archipelago
When I peace out and illumine the leaves
They can believe anything they have seen

I'm alright with what you do
Though I really don't know you
I haven't been here long
But I'm ready for the show
Track Name: Anubis Supporter
Come align with the slipstream
Wrapped up in a shroud of death and flies
Sail on through the dismal ivy
Bring only your finest china red

It's a dream of a really temperate sea
That you can live in
Spinning from the space and station
It's a dream of you floating from the body
And it's so far out
Shiva on the way to you and I

The day, the bone is flaking
It's a flash before the eye
Oh, nevermind

Cowards come but cowards only go so far
The unpossessed sword
Every day is like the last day I see you
So I jump for joy

Careen through creation
Bring back no useful thing
Under the sun, it's boring
I see it now

Come align with the slipstream
Wrapped up in a shroud
Oh, trip out.
Track Name: I Kept A Record
I surely didn't know you but
I made my way on through
We lay among your sterling rooms

Alone at the table
And close to noon
I wrote those books for you
I kept a record too

Even if I gained it
What could I do?

Why, I'm here to hate my body
In warm and tired water
I see you stand before me
Permanently knowing
No station does consume you

But even if I gained that
What could I do?
What could I do?
Track Name: Atascadero Ascend
How come? How could you come into my zone?
If you're cut, clean your wounds in the astral sea

Those who claim to know the world above are those who are banal
They don't have the swords to withstand anything like that at all

I open the miserable gates for you!
Each of the lunatics is unbearable!

What will you live for when the party is done?!
All of the filth of the world is unbearable!

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