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Jangle Omega

by Other Houses

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Hey my baby in cedars falling away is laughing and bathed and everything. She can run. Hey it's greater to date a diamond display than regret it at all. She can run. Minerals and flashing discs in the stream that I'm anxious to receive, so try me when you leave. Try me when you leave. I race like roses toward the edge of the painting. The suitors' party was great! She can run. Minerals and flashing discs in the spring that I'm anxious to receive, so try me when you leave. Try me when you leave. Try me when you leave.
Aja at the station for another round. She blew up my surroundings, she suspected the spot. Call me statuesque or black or blue or break me at the mantle like someone you forgot. Somehow, I just landed at the cellar door Where Nash and I commanded to take the second floor, And we got escorted out. So, spit me out, New York or LA, Calico or crazy to resist. It's for me to create, but a pawn in a pond just pleads to be controlled. That's how the deal was made. And Aja's just observing for a little spell. There's no sense about her. My army is unmatched and the coins are unrolled. Call me common, don't you know? Spit me out, my grace or my tastes, Calico or crazy to resist. It's for me to create, but a pawn in a pond just pleads for the unknown. That's how the weekend goes.
Jangle Omega 02:31
Wanted on the edge of the freight hollering the hall for the record that waits and smiling anyway. Out on the banks of the Lethes, a rocker requires a reprieve. Will they run my heavenly piece? Honest to error, goddamn intellectual, I wanted out of my hide and to roll the town. “Confirm it," I said to my gal in the absolute agony eye of confirmation by the guys. Say "I’m dangerous in my tastes, at Elsie’s with Emily’s friend, as a not-quite-dimensional man, and I lap at the lake like a kid, for water in waiting cupped hands, smiling anyway." Now I hold my mic stand o'er the empty floor and smiling anyway.
Alexander 03:09
Alexander showed me the ark on the wall in my mind and the dimensions were convincing. He showed me the desert heat, numerology in my mind. It was precious but I was restless, okay? Your life unfolds into a speck in the air. Do you care? Baby’s careless with evidence. While I pretty much do what I want I can’t stop. It’s more fun, all keyed-up like a wind-up bluebird. It never fails, the easy fix to survive. I don’t mind. I wrote my name on a spire on the riverbank, in Chinese characters. Now I flail through LA unbidden. It's my decision. Do you take whiskey? Do you take tea? How are we, how are we, how are we? What I’ve seen I can’t forget So picture me, picture me, picture me. Alexander drove me out, he showed me how, we checked it out, how the blessed river I will never know still trickles down. Yet I know he thought of me.
Rowers wrapping all past the muddy banks make the mallards retreat. Coriander ‘round the pool forever grows to the edge of the sheet. Cut the hair of the false fringe follower to not forget his mistake. And bless my mind, I miss your attitude, the brazen hand on the blade. And hey, galaxies are square. Bend your ear to the workaday. And read to me again about Shiva, Blessed Lioness. Or spit me out into Nils' block party or just hold my tears on the deck. And hey, don’t play that tambourine. You’re too green, not fully trained. Hurry back across the riverbank and tell me how bad it’ll be. And I'll plant myself in the garden tenderly. Just tell me how bad it’ll be. And hey, galaxies are square, bend your ear to me and play that record one more time, "Space is the Place” or “Sinner Lady.” Cross that old bridge one more time. Space is the place, I guess. Space is the place, I guess. Space is the place, I guess. Bless my mind I miss your attitude.
Venus Violin 02:20
Wait there, Venus Violin, in celestial ambulance, would you care for a spell? You're waiting for the art and the hive is none too smart. Every time they're testing me, to loosen or to lessen me, I'm bleacher-blonde, a la carte. To ride with a music box. To care for the quiet ones. Hold on, the store will take you in. You'll be the concierge. Is someone out there greeting us, with trinkets or with amulets, calling you back to the farm, with haranguing in your heart to not look back or start? You brought it to a head, so get it through your skin. And all the best to you and yours. You'll find the car just yet, Venus Violin.



released January 24, 2017

Morgan Enos - all instruments and vocals
Cover art by Trevor Brolin


all rights reserved



Other Houses Hackensack, New Jersey

The songs of Morgan Enos. Also seen writing about music for various places. I did this before I did that. Still do it.

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