Way Out West

by Other Houses

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The second collection by Other Houses jarringly snaps back from the internal and symbolic space of No Splendor to survey the immediate landscape and the insidious nature of home.

CS available on Flossless Audio.


released April 22, 2015


all rights reserved



Other Houses New York, New York

Rock band in California and New York with voice of Morgan Enos.

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Track Name: Way Out West
fall back
way back

on this trip for hours
i'm not allowed
maintaining the love that i borrowed
so i fall back

i weave out and you weave out
i'm face-down on the marble now
from the days i was towering


if you call, i let you call
there aren't many things today to do (now)
i've got nothing but time for you

i weave out and i weave out
ever since when i was young
everyone congregatin'
didn't know i was in the house
they assumed i was someplace else
Track Name: Threat-Letter
up on a sill i want to.
reach up, return thru the hall i want to
but i don't hear from you

bringing you down again... hard.
i want to.

but if you've been had, i understand.

threat letter #9 and i left it there
who could care?
an unbelievable mass of earth threatened the house.
who knew?
hold you in again, i want to, i do

if you've been had, i understand.
Track Name: Background To The Fore
it's hard believing that it could happen to me
sitting back, basking in the future accolades
everything stands to have its relation

i hear the trumpets of recognition really far
you can't be serious but deep down i think you are
if you think i want to talk about it one second more

i hear the trumpets of recognizance really far!
you can't be serious but deep down i think you are
you think i want to talk about it one second more
you can't be serious but deep down i think you are
Track Name: Hideous Soil
my, i do compare the parch of the bell,
uncomforting hill
high and dreaming
of the city block
the house does stop
i'm out every night
high and dreaming
when i got caught
i died a-lot
my eyes they do compare
the scathing sun,
the hideous soil
when i get caught
i'll die a-lot

om, om

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